4 Table Manners to Avoid While Dining in a Hotel, According to an Expert

Etiquette on eating and drinking is extremely important, and can quickly be used as a class signifier, especially in public places. In this article, we speak to Andrew Makau, the General Manager of PrideInn Plaza Hotel and Convention Centre,  to understand the manners that people often get wrong, especially in formal settings, and how to fix that.

  1. Your phone should be off the table

When dining out with friends, family or colleagues, you should make sure that your personal items such as phones, keys or even passes are kept away from the table.

For instance, having your mobile phone on the table makes it easy to easily get distracted and check it, which is mostly disrespectful.

“When having a meal with someone, you want to make sure that attention goes out to the person you are with. You would not want your dining companion to think they are unimportant,” the General Manager of PrideInn Plaza said.

  1. Taste your food before seasoning it

You should never season your food, whether with salt or with pepper, before tasting it.

According to the expert, seasoning the food before tasting sends out a message that you do not trust the hotel’s cooking skills.

“It is important that you eat a little bit of food before deciding whether to add any type of seasoning. It would be quite embarrassing to add too much seasoning then you result to guzzling water the entire time,” he added.

  1. Use silverware and utensils practically

If you do not know how to properly use a fork and a knife, worry not. Whether you prefer to use the silverware the American or the Continental way, still does not matter. What matters is making sure you hold your silverware appropriately.

Simply put, hold your fork and knife similarly to how you’d hold a pencil. Do not grip them with your whole fist.

“When cutting food, ensure to use your thumb and index finger as they give you greater precision and control.”

  1. Order food appropriately

When dining at a hotel, do not order the most expensive item from the menu, unless you are paying for it or your host encourages you to do so.

It is also important to wait for everyone to be served before beginning to eat, unless the individual who has not been served encourages you to begin eating.

PrideInn Plaza Hotel and Convention Centre is a luxury hotel is situated in Signature Mall, an ultra-modern quintessential shopping facility located at the end of the newly constructed Nairobi Expressway in Athi River, Machakos County.

PrideInn Plaza boasts 64 spacious and tastefully designed luxury rooms and suites. It also includes nine conference halls that can host hundreds of business executives at a go.

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